Shopping Mall OZAS Center in Vilnius, Lithuania

Period: 2008 - 2010

Surface area: about 70.000 m2

Provided services:

  • due diligence,
  • ground investigation (drillings, CPTU soundings and dynamic probing),
  • hydrogeological investigations (piezometer, pumping test),
  • geotechnical and hydrogeological expertise,
  • geotechnical consultancy,
  • contamination investigation,
  • ground water measurements,
  • settlement prognosis of the neighboring buildings,
  • settlement monitoring,
  • monitoring of buildings, streets and sewerage,
  • designing of maximal settlement of pipeline (method statement),
  • monitoring of vibration influence on existing building (sheets and piles execution),
  • pile integrity tests,
  • supervision of piling works.
  • geotechnical external supervision.