Our company provides also geotechnical and geological services for large infrastructure projects, such as offshore wind farms. We offer supervision services together with laboratory tests analyses on ships and offshore platforms.

We offer mobile laboratory testing containers suitable for offshore soil tests.

Soil description and laboratory tests are performed in accordance to the appropriate norms and ISO standards.

Within the scope of geological supervision of drilling works performed on ships and drilling platforms, we offer:

- recognition and verification of the lithological profile (arrangement of layers and state of soil) / recognition of the geological structure of the seabed in the place of the planned investment,
- determination of geological and engineering parameters of separated soil layers,
- soil sampling for laboratory tests of physical-mechanical properties according to the designed programme of tests,
- performing selected laboratory tests on the vessel,
- daily reporting and preparation of the resulting geological-engineering documentation for the foundation of construction facilities, together with obtaining the approval decision of the Minister in charge of the environment.

We prepare documentation in Polish, English and German.

Our employees speak English communicatively. They  have also the appropriate qualifications to as well as the required examinations and certificates for offshore work: ITR (Certificate of Basic Safety Training in Personal Survival Techniques) and BOSIET (Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training).