For our activity we have (Professional third party liability insurance) of the equivalent 1 mln €.

Our insurance covers professional activity of geotechnical engineer, geologist, expert, construction engineer and designer on the area of i.a.: engineering services in scope of the soil investigation; supervision of executed earthworks and excavations dewatering works; determining geotechnical conditions of foundation construction objects, preparing of geotechnical reports, soil and groundwater contamination reports, geotechnical projects; geotechnical, geological, geological-engineering and hydrogeological documentation; geotechnical and environmental consultancy and supervision; inspection of geotechnical construction and geotechnical investor supervision and geotechnical design.

It is worth noting, that our insurance also covers damages related to the performance of tests to assess pollution in soil, ground and groundwater, research and analysis of existing and historical pollution and pollution in building substance, damages resulting from the provision of services related to landfills, as well as damage related to the examination, evaluation and valuation of contaminated or potentially contaminated plots, buildings and other locations – with liability for damages caused in Poland and beyond polish territory and damages caused by our subcontractors.

This makes our company a reliable and responsible partner also for investors that implement multi-million and long-term investments.