We offer external and internal geotechnical supervision of executed earth and foundation works.

As a part of the geotechnical service on site, we provide following services:

  • drillings,
  • soil acceptance including testing with static (VSS) and dynamic (VD) load plate test,
  • testing with light dynamic DPL probing, medium DPM probing, heavy DPH probing and super heavy DPSH probing,
  • control of soil/subgrades prepared for concrete works, roads, pavements, sports fields and yards,
  • determination of load-bearing capacity of natural soils and man-made fills (construction) e.g. for the cranes,
  • control testing of conformity of the assumed soil-water conditions at the design stage with the actual conditions found on site during execution of construction works.

We know the importance of professional geotechnical services during the project execution time. We will adapt our services to your project necessities and expectations, to be flexible partner adjusting to various site conditions.