GCO - Geotechnical Consulting Office

We specialize in geotechnics and engineering geology. We execute geotechnical, geological, hydrogeological and environment contamination investigations. We interpret and compare the results of our testing with the European standards as well as with the legislation in force in a particular country.

As a part of the geotechnical service on construction site, we are involved in planning, tendering and construction stage of the project. We carry on geotechnical and geological internal and external supervision works as well as field tests of earth, foundation and excavation works.

We supervise all types of dewatering works on site. We cooperate with Brunnenbau Conrad GmbH supervising and executing dewatering of complicated and large surface excavations.

In our team except highly qualified geotechnical engineers, geologists and civil engineers we have an expert in the speciality construction structural design and construction for planning and execution in the area of ground and foundation engineering.

We prepare concepts of recultivation of contaminated areas and execute supervision of decontamination works, prepare also the necessary reports with a results of decontamination works.

We participate in many European investments; we have been successively extending our activity  in the Western, Southern and Eastern Europe keeping in touch with their scientific circle.

We have got references for consultancy and geotechnical testing in: Poland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Russia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Croatia and Italy.

We invite you to cooperate with us. We do appreciate to answer for your questions and prepare an individual offer for you.